Free songs


TENORS is a group of believers dedicated to the fulfillment of God’s covenant through music and Christian arts. Since 1999, the vision had been glowing and the fire of God is still burning.
TENORS is a word from God. (Ex 34:27; KJV). The name came out of a word of covenant and the ministry springing out of it is bound by the covenant.

In the year 1987, God gave the visionnier a revelation of heaven and of different kinds of instruments which are still waiting to be delivered unto men to use and minister with. He promised to teach men to use such yet unused instruments to praise Him through the ministry and raise up a people of praise through some unconventional means. The vision was not totally clear until the year 1997 (ten years later) when it was repeated for emphasis and for enactment.

I could remember vividly that in that same month of March 1997, I started receiving gifts and envelopes from peoples labeled: “for the work of God” and some other labels. I was afraid because I didn’t know how to start or use the money, until one day I heard God say “He is the one who can kill and also make alive”. Immediately I got up to plan for the inauguration of the vision.